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#this is fucked up. this fucked me up

Aether Wing Kayle by Enijoi
Lulu and Poro by kamuikaoru
Mid or Feed by neon-drane


Notification trolling.


Karma by Do Ho-Suh at New Orleans Sculpture Art Museum. 


My first giveaway on tumblr *c*

You can win one messenger bag from the ones available in BlueRobotto’s shop (Check out the shop for more pics and the description of each bag)


1 person will be randomly selected as winner from the notes in this post.  The winner will chose 1 bag from the ones available and it will be sent to them without charge.

If this post gets more than 500 notes 2 winners will be chosen.

If this post gets more than 1000 notes 3 winners will be chosen.

How to participate:

  • You don’t have to follow BlueRobotto.
  • Reblog this post to participate, only 1 reblog to prevent spam.
  • Likes count too.
  • If you win I should be able to contact you through your tumblr.

Things to consider:

  • Shipping to anywhere in the world, BlueRobotto will cover the shipping expenses.
  • Any question feel free to send a messege :)

The givaway will end on saturday september 20th, at 10:00 PM Central America time.

Good luck to everyone who participates :D

You can also contact BlueRobotto on twitter @bluerobotto if you want to ask anything.


Legacy of the Crimson Lotus byMagdaPROskiAlso, if you like this, suport the set on:http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=312379104
[Dota2] Kittens by RassiNya
Toreador by ediprata


Reblogging because this actually is a thing that should concern more people.